Library Event

Hellooooooo! You’re having a great summer, right? Well, it’s about to get a whole heap better!


Who ya gonna call? Codebusters!

I’ll be at Braunton Library tomorrow, Wednesday 15th August at 2pm for a meet the author session and to bust out my Codebreaking session! Come along to crack some codes and learn about how codes have affected histroy and my writing. Braunton Library have more information here:

Catch the latest Dino Wars review

Devon Life August edition has reviews of Devon authors and I am one of them! Very proud to be in such company.

WIP Update!

Update on my works in progress, now including funky project codenames! :

Project Willow: completed 30,000 word manuscript. Edited. Commence book 2 ASAP.

Project Connery: Book 2 written. Edits start next week.

Project Goldblum: Book 3 edited and done. Final checks next week before submitting.

Other TOP SEKRET projects brewing. It’s nice to be busy.

In other news I gather it’s been a bit sunny of late. I wouldn’t know. I realised this evening that I haven’t left the house in two days.

Outside bad. Inside good.

In other other news, Dino Wars 2, The Trials of Terror is out in just 2 months on the 28th Sept. Peters wholesalers have an extra 5% discount on it when you order it for you school or library. Bargain!

Blog Post: The Children’s Media Conference 2018

I had a great time at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield this month! It was amazing to hobnob with fellow creatives and media types. I’ve written up my experience in a blog post for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure. Take a gander.

On Promotional Events

I did a load of events over the last few weeks – thanks if you turned up or bought a book! I blogged a little about the experience over on The Awfully Big Blog Adventure. Click the pic below for more.

New reviews from Year 6 readers!

Check out the amazing reviews from Ospringe School in Faversham, Kent!:

School Tour with Crediton Community Bookshop!

Looking forward to this week! I’ll be chauffeured around by the awesome volunteers of the Crediton Community Bookshop to schools around the county to tell them about my books and to drum up interest for a mega creative writing workshop which is taking place from 4-5pm on Friday, 15th June. I’ll be showing children what goes into making a book and challenging them to complete my story starter. It’s going to be amazing! The workshop is FREE so just come along on the day for heaps of adventure and Dino-fun.

I’m on the Radio. Soon.

I’ll be on BBC Radio Devon on Thursday 25th May at around 12 with the esteemed David FitzGerald (a legend in these here parts). I’ll be promoting my book Dino Wars and the great DINO MITE events coming up next week in half term (check out my events)

Pick a Card, Any Card…

Dan Metcalf Business Card

Thumb model’s own.

I got new business cards printed, featuring Codebusters, Lottie Lipton and Dino Wars! Thanks to the brilliant illustrators I work with. Got these ready for the Children’s Media Conference in July, where I’ll be going to learn more about working in TV and the new media world, as well as meeting up with some old and new friends. Hit me up if you’ll be there too!

Children’s Workshop

Crediton Community Bookshop - Community Owned since 2013

In June the lovely people at the Crediton Commmunity Bookshop (don’t know them? Check them out!) will be touring me around Devon where I’ll be speaking to over 700 children in a week! It culmniates with a workshop at the bookshop itself on Friday the 15th June at 4pm. You can book tickets at the bookshop – link above.

Have a look at my events diary HERE for more events and workshops.