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Codebusters bookHey y’all. I’ll be posting a daily code challenge all this week on my Facebook page for those in need of content for homeschooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’ll tie in to the Codebusters FREEBIES on my website and hopefully keep your little mathematicians quiet entertained for a while! Head to the freebies pages for more worksheets.

So I promised some free resources to help you over the pandemic lockdowns, and here we are. If you’ve got a budding author in your midst, then try my ebook ‘A Story for You’. It’s 52 pieces of flash fiction (in case you need to spread it over a whole year!) which you can use as inspiration, story starters or templates for your own stories.

And the bonus? It’s FREE from today (20 March 2020) until next Tuesday (24 March 2020). It’s on Amazon, so head to this link to grab it: 

So it looks like we’re all going to be homeschooling for a little while! Having been in schools for author visits for a few years now, I can attest to how hard teachers work and I fully appreciate how overwhelming it is going to be for us non-teachers! In an effort to keep your little ones amused/entertained/educated I’ll be posting new resources based on my books and workshops up on my website and social media.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to my email list to get them straight to your inbox AND you’ll get a FREE creative writing book with forty tricks, tips and exercises to improve creative writing. Click HERE to subscribe. Why not get your child to compose that mammoth story over the next few weeks?

Good day, and good luck.

Dan :¬)

Happy World Book Day everyone! I’m currently doing school visits and marvelling at all the amazing costumes kids have come up with. So far I’ve seen many Harry Potters, a dobby, lots of Where’s Wallys, Artemis Fowl and the Boy In The Dress.

Oh, and one boy came dressed as Adam from my book Dino Wars! How cool!

Dino Wars Audiobook

And now you can listen to Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors on audiobook. I’ve teamed up with narrator Paul Delaross to bring you the talking book, with you can download NOW from audible. You can even get it free when you sign up for Audible through this link. What are you waiting for? Go and download now!

I’ve been busy blogging over on the Ransom Books Blog about my latest books series, the interactive stories Pick Your Path: 

Pick Your Path

Merry Almost Christmas everybody! It’s that time of year when you need to stuff your stockings with books galore and what better way to do that than getting your hands on some of my stories. Bloomsbury have published seven of my books and you can get 45% off the RRP up until the 15th of December.  Check out the sale HERE!

There’s another great review for Dino Wars book 3 on Addicted to Books blog! Check it out:

Grab the books here!