Diving Deep

I have a new book out – kinda. I was lucky enough to be allowed to play in the world of the fantastic CBBC/Netflix show The Deep, all about the Nekton family and their adventures beneath the waves in their amazing submarine, the Aronnax.

A never-seen-on-screen series of original exciting adventure books featuring Ant, Fontaine, Kaiko and William, the stars of CBBC’s number one programme The Deep, for 7+ readers. Watch the action, read the adventure!

The sea is deep and full of secrets … Something is seriously wrong in the South China Sea.

Journeying along the celestial equator, the Nektons – a family of daring underwater explorers – are dispatched on an urgent mission to investigate. Magma is erupting from the ocean floor and sending poisonous gases into the water, endangering the lives of the sea creatures that live there.

But the Nektons get more than they bargained for when they discover that an ancient and secret creature has been disturbed in the depths of the Dragon Hole – the largest Blue Hole in the world! Will they make it out alive? And more importantly, will they find an all-important clue to lead them to the lost city of Lemuria?

Perfect for fans of Beast Quest, Sea Quest and Ninjago

My new blog post

My newest blog post on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure is about how the story of Paw Prints in the Somme found me, and forced me to write it. Have a look here: https://awfullybigblogadventure.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-story-that-chose-me-by-dan-metcalf.html

New Dino Wars out now!

While the official launch date was latst Friday, I was busy with my Dad’d birthday so I was away from the old PC for a bit. But here it is! The long awaited (well, 6 months or so) sequel to the first book, Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror is now available everywhere.


Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror

Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror

Another great bit of news is that Dino Wars will now be out in Germany, published by the amazing Egmont. One happy authot here! Check out danmetcalf.co.uk/dinowars for more!

Big Day!

Big day today! Firstly, my blog piece on plotting is up on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure and you can see what the image below has to do with writing books.

And secondly I’ll be at the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival in the Library at 4pm today so pop along if you can. I’ll be talking Dino Wars, writing and serving up a platter of awesome sauce. :¬)

Free ebook anyone?

I’ve been monkeying around with my newsletter recently and decided it was time I offered you more free stuff. So, when you subscribe I will send you the link for a FREE creative writing guide, called Your Story, Your Way. It contains loads of hints and tips to get you started on the road to writing. I have even added hints on how teachers can use the tips in class to get students writing! Aren’t I lovely?

So click on the cover or HERE to sign up and grab your FREE ebook now!


My regular blog for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure is up now HERE, where I talk about all the comics I have loved before…

Ryan Hyde https://www.flickr.com/photos/breatheindigital/

Library Event

Hellooooooo! You’re having a great summer, right? Well, it’s about to get a whole heap better!


Who ya gonna call? Codebusters!

I’ll be at Braunton Library tomorrow, Wednesday 15th August at 2pm for a meet the author session and to bust out my Codebreaking session! Come along to crack some codes and learn about how codes have affected histroy and my writing. Braunton Library have more information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/169405123773567/

Catch the latest Dino Wars review

Devon Life August edition has reviews of Devon authors and I am one of them! Very proud to be in such company.

WIP Update!

Update on my works in progress, now including funky project codenames! :

Project Willow: completed 30,000 word manuscript. Edited. Commence book 2 ASAP.

Project Connery: Book 2 written. Edits start next week.

Project Goldblum: Book 3 edited and done. Final checks next week before submitting.

Other TOP SEKRET projects brewing. It’s nice to be busy.

In other news I gather it’s been a bit sunny of late. I wouldn’t know. I realised this evening that I haven’t left the house in two days.

Outside bad. Inside good.

In other other news, Dino Wars 2, The Trials of Terror is out in just 2 months on the 28th Sept. Peters wholesalers have an extra 5% discount on it when you order it for you school or library. Bargain!

Blog Post: The Children’s Media Conference 2018

I had a great time at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield this month! It was amazing to hobnob with fellow creatives and media types. I’ve written up my experience in a blog post for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure. Take a gander.