Reading With Your Kids!


A lucky listener.

Hey! I’m a guest today on the amazing podcast ‘Jedlie’s Reading With Your Kids’. I talk about writing, Lottie Lipton and my path as a writer. To listen to my dulcet tones, click HERE!

It’s 2018 Y’all!

HNY etc!

So I’m looking forward to the new year and all that it brings – I’ve got exciting plans which mainly involve writing a shedload of stuff. Can’t blooming wait. I’m 23k words into a new project which is unlike anything else I’ve written (in a good way, I hope) and I luuuuurve it.

This year will see the first book in the Dino Wars series come out and OOH LOOK! You can preorder the thing right HERE: Linky!

And the in the mean time, here’s part 12 of PYRO to look at ober on WATTPAD. You lucky things you.

Pyro Continues….

Part 11 of my Wattpad novel PYRO is now up – A night home alone for Aide has some unexpected results…

Pyro – Part Ten!

Check out part ten of my #WATTPAD novel PYRO! Aide meets a mysterious Glassblower…

The Dino Wars are coming!

Here it is! The amazing new cover to my new series DinoWars! Published by Maverick Arts Publishing and illustrated by Aaron Blecha, the first book will be out in April 2018, titled Rise of the Raptors. Can’t wait.


Today on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure I’m talking movies! What’s YOUR favourite movie about writers?

Blog for October

Hey everyone!

My latest blog for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure just ‘dropped’ as I believe the young people say. This month I run down the top ten writing tools in my life. Want to read it?



Children’s Book Week November 2017

Hi All!

Children’s Book Week is coming up in November and now is a great time to get authors to come into your classroom and preach about books and writing. Just wanted you lovely people to know that I have slots available.

Check out my events at Ta muchly!

Watt, watt?

Happy September everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know that I’ve been performing a little experiment: I’m serialising an original story online through Wattpad, the free reading community website. My teen novel PYRO will appear over there, week by week(ish), over the coming months. Take a butchers:

New blog post over on ABBA

My latest blog post for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure is now live HERE!