International School Library Month

Teachers! Librarians! Lend me your ears!

You of course know about International School Library Month, right? It’s each October and it gives you a chance to let everyone know how proud you are of your school’s repository of pleasure, leisure and infotainment:

Let’s get together! Myself and a bunch of children’s authors will be taking to the streets and visiting lots of school libraries to celebrate knowledge and fun. If you want me to visit your school and expound the delights of fiction and fact, contact me via my website:

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Codebusters: Countdown to publication!

I have a new book coming out!

Buy now on>>

Things are not going well for Jackson ‘Jax’ Hibert. He wanted to fit in at his new school but now everyone knows he’s a math’s whizz. Even worse, he’s been asked to join a secret (and totally uncool) group of code breakers: the Codebusters. Their mission is to solve mysteries and fight crime. So far, they’ve found a missing hamster…

But now, someone has stolen the school’s math prize from the trophy cabinet, and the only clue is a mysterious code. This looks like a case for the Codebusters!

AND! To celebrate the release I’ve been busy making some videos. They are called Cool Codes for Kids and explain all about the codes I’ve used in Codebusters and The Lottie Lipton Adventures. Great for kids to enjoy on their own or in a class.

PLUS! Codebusters Freebies! That’s more stuff to do in the form of how-to links and activity sheets.

Phew. Codebusters is out on the 14th July.

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Off I go to Tivvy…

I’ll be at the Tiverton Literary Festival tomorrow from 2-3pm in the Library. I’ll be introducing my Lottie Lipton books and guiding you through the world of codes and codebreaking! See you then! CLICK HERE for tickets.

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Lottie Lipton is now in the British Museum Shop!

Heading to the British Museum? Grab a copy of my Lottie Lipton Adventures while you are there! Perfect for souvenirs, as Lottie lives in the museum itself and gets into lots of scrapes with the exhibits. The books are educational too, containing facts, puzzles and codes. Collect all six!

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Lottie goes to Poland!

I’m delighted to announce that two books in the Lottie Lipton Adventures are now available in Polish! If you’re in Poland or have Polish children in your school, Lottie books would be a great way to get children reading and excited about re-reading in English! Check out the publisher website here.

Curse of the Cairo Cat Polish VersionSecrets of the Stone Polish Version

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New Codebusters Cover

Looks like it is official! Amazon have uploaded a cover to their page for my latest book, Codebusters, available July 13th 2017! Check it out here.

Codebusters Cover

Codebusters Cover – Available 13/7/17!

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Creative Writing Courses in Devon

Greetings and Salutations!

I bring great news from those within the confines of England’s greatest county, the shire of Devon. I will be running some creative writing courses in my home town in partnership with the Crediton Community Bookshop. Download the flyer here.

The courses are three weeks long each and run just after the Easter holidays on Tuesday nights at the bookshop. There will be tea and coffee provided, just bring along a pen, paper and a brain.

Creative Writing course details Get in contact and book your place. Places are limited.

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Being Your Own Small Business

Howdy all.

Just a quicky to let you know that I’ve added a new non-fiction ebook to my website!

Being Your Own Small Business lets you learn how you too can become an author and treat your endeavours as a real business. You can download the ebook for FREE at THIS LINK.

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New Book Out Now and WBD

ANNOUCEMENT! My new book, Jamie Jones: Galaxy Defender (Aged 8½), is now out to order. It’s part of the Oxford Reading Tree’s AllStars collection for newly confident readers. If you have a Year 1 or 2 child that has recently graduated to ‘free-reading’ then bug your school librarian to buy the pack.

You can find it online (click the image above for the Amazon listing) or as a collection with books by some brilliant authors such as Jo Cotterill, Ali Sparkes, Tamsyn Murray, Nick Ward and Cas Lester.

In other news, World Book Day is on its way so like many Children’s Authors I’ll be visiting schools this week. I’ll be in Surrey to meet children at The Royal School and then over to Taunton School in Somerset. Lots of pondering time on trains and in hotel rooms this month…

Stay Groovy, internet.

D x

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Half Term Fun!

A new event has been added to my events page – I’ll be in Bideford Library on Thursday 16th Feb from 10:30 with superstart authors Claire Barker and Victoria Eveleigh. Come along, one and all!

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