Colin Mulhern writes horrible books for horrible kids (his words, not mine). His latest is Buttercup Sunshine and the Zombies of Dooooom!

Granny Fondant is waking up to another perfect day in Briar’s Cove – the nicest, safest, sweetest town there ever was, where nothing bad ever happens. She spots Buttercup Sunshine running down the lane, the friendliest, most angelic girl… But wait! How odd. Why would Buttercup be holding a chainsaw?”

Delightfully horrific and horrifically delightful. Perfect gift for your little monsters!

The Twelve Days of Xmas Book Recommendations are randomly picked from my rolodex of awesome authors. Try recommending your own with the hashtag #supportanauthor!


Letters to Pluto is a brilliantly funny book by the equally brilliant Lou Treleaven:

Jon’s teacher wants to keep the art of letter writing alive and starts an interstellar penpal programme.  Jon is not impressed, especially as his penpal Straxi is from Pluto, the most boring, smelliest and far away place in the whole solar system.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, she is a girl!  A hilarious story of friendship, annoying teachers, planet saving and of course letter writing.”

Younger readers will also love Lou’s amazing picture books. ‘Daddy and I’ is particularly tear jerking!

This is part of my drive to recommend books by non-celeb authors and to get people to frequent their local bookshop. Remember – if they don’t have it, ORDER IT!

Christmas is coming, if you hadn’t noticed, and it’s the time of year for giving. But what to give to your book-loving offspring? Yes, you could wander into a supermarket and pick out the nearest book by attention-hungry celebrity authors writing about their ‘hilarious’ cat or some ghost-written tome about elves and fairies OR you could do the following: Go to a local bookshop (they still exist) and get a book by any one of the hundreds of children’s authors who depend on your support.

So I have put together 12 days of recommendations of brilliant, British children’s authors whose amazing books will knock the socks of any story by certain talent-show judges. I’ve picked at random, and if your bookshop doesn’t have the book you want they will be happy to order it for you – in most cases, they will get it by the next working day!

So stay tuned for awesome recommendations and be sure to click the links to learn more about them. Also – pass it on! Sharing is caring and be sure to recommend your own favourite author who doesn’t have their own TV and/or radio show.

Christmas is coming and so it’s the time of year to flog my wares! I’ve put up a special page on my website where you can buy signed copies of a few of my books. Just head on over to and get busy with the clicky. (UK shipping only, last orders for xmas is 18th Dec 2018)

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So if you want to grab my books before the festive rush, find them on my books page or below!

I’ve been blogging about my recent experiment with school visits. Head over to the Awfully Big Blog Adventure to read.

I have a new book out – kinda. I was lucky enough to be allowed to play in the world of the fantastic CBBC/Netflix show The Deep, all about the Nekton family and their adventures beneath the waves in their amazing submarine, the Aronnax.

A never-seen-on-screen series of original exciting adventure books featuring Ant, Fontaine, Kaiko and William, the stars of CBBC’s number one programme The Deep, for 7+ readers. Watch the action, read the adventure!

The sea is deep and full of secrets … Something is seriously wrong in the South China Sea.

Journeying along the celestial equator, the Nektons – a family of daring underwater explorers – are dispatched on an urgent mission to investigate. Magma is erupting from the ocean floor and sending poisonous gases into the water, endangering the lives of the sea creatures that live there.

But the Nektons get more than they bargained for when they discover that an ancient and secret creature has been disturbed in the depths of the Dragon Hole – the largest Blue Hole in the world! Will they make it out alive? And more importantly, will they find an all-important clue to lead them to the lost city of Lemuria?

Perfect for fans of Beast Quest, Sea Quest and Ninjago

My newest blog post on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure is about how the story of Paw Prints in the Somme found me, and forced me to write it. Have a look here:

While the official launch date was latst Friday, I was busy with my Dad’d birthday so I was away from the old PC for a bit. But here it is! The long awaited (well, 6 months or so) sequel to the first book, Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror is now available everywhere.


Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror

Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror

Another great bit of news is that Dino Wars will now be out in Germany, published by the amazing Egmont. One happy authot here! Check out for more!

Big day today! Firstly, my blog piece on plotting is up on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure and you can see what the image below has to do with writing books.

And secondly I’ll be at the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival in the Library at 4pm today so pop along if you can. I’ll be talking Dino Wars, writing and serving up a platter of awesome sauce. :¬)