Dino Wars!


3142 AD. Humanity is on the verge of extinction after genetically engineered dinosaurs reclaimed the planet during the Dino Wars. Adam Caine lives in the secluded city of Bastion with other human survivors and peace-loving dinosaurs. When an old weapon that threatens all dinosaur life is activated, Adam knows it is down to him to stop it. With the help of his sister Chloe and best friend Dag, a tech-savvy Iguanadon, Adam must find four Dilotron crystals before time runs out. However, one might just be at the centre of a city full of carnivorous raptors…

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Dino Wars Rise of the Raptors Cover
Book 1
Dino Wars Trials of Terror Cover
Book 2
Dino Wars Gladiator Games Cover
Book 3
Dino Wars
Book 4

Endorsements for Dino Wars!: An action-packed treat for young dinosaur fans!  So dinotastic it will shake you off your seat and make your teeth chatter!Chris d’Lacey, author of The Last Dragon Chronicles
An imaginative and fast-paced adventure with dinosaurs and lasers, what’s not to love?!Giles Paley-Phillips, children’s author

This is a fun and imaginative adventure set in an exciting new genre… dino-punk! – Huw Powell, author of the Spacejackers series

I thoroughly enjoyed the first adventure of Dino Wars, it feels like I’ve embarked on an epic adventure! The story is fast paced and exciting, and the characters are brilliant fun (well, not Lord General Stryker, of course…) I want to be in the gang with Adam, Chloe and Dag! I like the dino facts that are scattered throughout and I love the scale of the world that Dan has created. I can’t wait to hear how their crystal mission continues. Fantastic illustrations from Aaron Blecha who’s done a great job in characterising all the different dinos – I particularly love the first meeting of the lycorhinuses. More, please! – Clare Elsom, author and illustrator, Horace & Harriet

What is there not to love about talking dinosaurs? It’s exactly the sort of adventure I had always wished I could go on as a kid! Dino Wars is not only pre-hysterical, it’s a thrilling romp through the future!Andy Briggs, author of Hero.com, Tarzan series and The Inventory

Dan Metcalf has created a believable futuristic world where humans and dinosaurs co-exist. This promises to be a must-read series. Reluctant readers especially will be hooked.Saviour Pirotta, author Firebird

What’s not to love about a future filled with talking dinosaurs, dino-cities and a quest to save the world? A fast-paced, strikingly scaly tale with acres of action and adventure.Guy Bass, author of the Stitch Head and Spynosaur books

Dinos, Dilotron crystals and computer chaos  – a raptor rollercoaster for all young action fans!Claire Barker, author of the Knitbone Pepper series

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