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Passive Promotion on the ABBA Blog

My new blog post for the Awfully Big Blog Adventure is up there now, all about the promotion an author can do for free:

Unscheduled Blog Post!

I am on the Awfully big blog adventure today with a post about my top 5 books about writing! :

Pyro – Part 18!

My Wattpad book continues with part 18 – in which I indulge my hidden love of anime…

Dino Wars Trailer


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Dino Wars Book Trailer!

The Dino Wars Book Trailer has dropped! Take a look at my hasty handiwork here:

Tick Tock Tick Tock

The launch of Dino Wars is getting closer. How close? Glad you asked… The Dino Wars Are Coming inCountdown

Pyro’s back – Wattpad

My #Wattpad novel continues! Aide meets an old friend…

Pyro – Part 16

Pyro, my #Wattpad YA novel continues! #ukya :

Listy Listy List List

My new blog on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure is up now, where I discuss (read: blather on about) the appeal of lists about books. CLICKY THIS LINKY NOW>>>

Pyro – Part 15!

The next part of PYRO – my online novel on Wattpad – is up now!