Word Nerd Games

Word Nerd GamesSo anyone who know me knows I’ve been through the mill in the last year, employment-wise. Also, the eagle-eyed among you will notice the cryptic description on my profile of ‘Director at Word Nerd Games’. If you’ve been wondering what that means, well here goes: I’ve set up my own venture to create and sell game concepts to the retail market. It’s a dicey thing to do (dicey – games – geddit?) but I really wanted somewhere as an output for my non-story related mind-wanderings. It’s a kind of side-career to run parallel to my book writing.

So I’d love it if you could ‘like’ my new FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Word-Nerd-Games/1182032188491220

If you could click on it I’d be really grateful, or maybe even forward the page to a friend you know who is into puzzles, games, tabletop games, roleplay, etc.

Also you can head on over to wordnerdgames.com where you can subscribe to the email newsletter. I’ll be launching a kickstarter soon to raise money for a new product that will appeal to all you game AND book lovers out there…

Thanks for indulging me!
Dan :¬)