When workshy posh boy Colin Powers is recruited by Winston Bloody Churchill himself, he has no choice but to follow orders and head up a Top-Top-Top-Secret Paranormal Defence Force.

Deep in the English countryside, Churchill has press-ganged a group of unusual recruits in the fight against the occult-loving Nazi Germany’s own supernatural forces: a witch, a banshee, an undead military genius and a demigod. If only one of them knew what the hell they were doing.

Colin leads the band of freaks on a mission to protect the Soul of the Nation – the supernatural embodiment of the British spirit. But also seeking the Soul is the Nazi equivalent of Colin’s freaky friends, led by the malevolent Herr Zimmer; a necromancer, warlock and the only person Hitler doesn’t invite to the Christmas party because he’s just ‘too damn scary’.

Wychacre* is Terry Pratchett meets The Dresden Files meets Jack Nightingale.

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*only for adults! Sensitive language included.

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