Visits and NEW BOOK!

Howdy Ho Everyone.

I thought I’d post a quick update to let you know that I DUN A NEW BOOK! Well, ebook really, but who’s counting…


A STORY FOR YOU is a collection of flash fiction I amassed while writing a year-long email newsletter experiement to produce 52 short short stories in 52 weeks. It has stories about crow princesses, teenage angels and junior exorcists, all in bite-sized stories. It also contains guidance on how to use the stories in classrooms for teachers and home educators. You can get an ebook sampler of it by subscribing to my newsletter

Find the PDF here and the Kindle Version here.

AND I’ll be out this week for some visits, but only schools one I’m afraid. I’ll be at Torquay Library (which pretty much raised me) on Thursday to talk to some classes and at the North Cornwall Book Festival on Friday 21st October.

See you next time!