Agatha Christie Festival

I’ll be at the International Agatha Christie Festival on Saturday the 12th September from 10am where I’ll be giving an interactive storytelling event with plenty of challenges and activities. The tickets can be reserved here:


Oooh, I like a good cover reveal and you lucky lucky people are going to be the first to see the new covers for the third and forth Lottie Lipton Adventure books. Drumroll…

Scroll of AlexandriaEgyptian Enchantment


Pow! Cool heh? How’d’ya like ’em? Big props to Rachel Panagarry and the team at Bloomsbury Education again! Look forward to seeing these in bookshops and your sweaty little mitts in January 2016!

EDIT: The colours have slightly changed, but they still look as awesome as ever. Check out the new covers on the sales page: HERE.


Lovely review for Lottie Lipton over at

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“If you’re doing any museum visiting this summer, or just looking to solve some riddles, a great read is the new Lottie Lipton series by Dan Metcalf, released in conjunction with the British Museum. These are well written little mysteries for growing readers but they have real riddles in them, and activities at the end. I’d love to read one whilst in the British Museum to see if I could follow the trail too. A must for young historians. “


I am now officially on Goodreads as an author! Swing by my page to connect and review my titles.


I’ll be at the beautiful Exeter Library on the 3rd of August! I’ll be doing a fun interactive event for children in the morning with readings and treasure hunts, and in the afternoon I’ll be running a creative writing session for children. If you’ve not read the Lottie Lipton books yet don’t worry. The morning session is the perfect introduction and I’ll have books on sale there.

Click HERE for more information.

If you’re reading this, then I’ve managed to create my brand new website! If you’re not, then I have a lot more work to do.


The new site is prettier, easier to manage and responsive, meaning it can transfer easily to mobile devices. I’ll be using the ‘news’ bit of this site to keep you updated on publications, events and such like. If you want to see the older posts, check out the old site here.

Hope you like it! Feel free to share on the usual social media and say hi to me while you’re there.

Dan :¬)