New Book Out Now and WBD

ANNOUCEMENT! My new book, Jamie Jones: Galaxy Defender (Aged 8½), is now out to order. It’s part of the Oxford Reading Tree’s AllStars collection for newly confident readers. If you have a Year 1 or 2 child that has recently graduated to ‘free-reading’ then bug your school librarian to buy the pack.

You can find it online (click the image above for the Amazon listing) or as a collection with books by some brilliant authors such as Jo Cotterill, Ali Sparkes, Tamsyn Murray, Nick Ward and Cas Lester.

In other news, World Book Day is on its way so like many Children’s Authors I’ll be visiting schools this week. I’ll be in Surrey to meet children at The Royal School and then over to Taunton School in Somerset. Lots of pondering time on trains and in hotel rooms this month…

Stay Groovy, internet.

D x