Month: February 2018

Pyro, my #Wattpad YA novel continues! #ukya :

My new blog on the Awfully Big Blog Adventure is up now, where I discuss (read: blather on about) the appeal of lists about books. CLICKY THIS LINKY NOW>>>

The next part of PYRO – my online novel on Wattpad – is up now!

Rumours that I travelled back in time and stole my latest novel from a pulp magazine are completely unfounded… Dino Wars launches on 28th April and is preorderable (yeah, that’s a word now) at Amazon

Maverick Arts Publishing have a few review copies of my next book, Dino Wars – Rise of the Raptors to send out to reviewers and bloggers. If you’d like a copy, pop along to and ask nicely. Remember your …

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Prepping for the release of Dino Wars in the next few months, Yellow Mouse Studios have come up with this amazing new poster concept! Just hold your phone in front of the poster of the front cover and BLAM! It …

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I’m judging this writing competition! EEK! Get your stories into Northam Library by Saturday 10th March for a chance to win a £50 book token. What are you waiting for? Go write!