12 days of Xmas Book Recommendations

Christmas is coming, if you hadn’t noticed, and it’s the time of year for giving. But what to give to your book-loving offspring? Yes, you could wander into a supermarket and pick out the nearest book by attention-hungry celebrity authors writing about their ‘hilarious’ cat or some ghost-written tome about elves and fairies OR you could do the following: Go to a local bookshop (they still exist) and get a book by any one of the hundreds of children’s authors who depend on your support.

So I have put together 12 days of recommendations of brilliant, British children’s authors whose amazing books will knock the socks of any story by certain talent-show judges. I’ve picked at random, and if your bookshop doesn’t have the book you want they will be happy to order it for you – in most cases, they will get it by the next working day!

So stay tuned for awesome recommendations and be sure to click the links to learn more about them. Also – pass it on! Sharing is caring and be sure to recommend your own favourite author who doesn’t have their own TV and/or radio show.